“I Need Help With My Teeth… Where Do I Begin?”

Our compassionate and dedicated team is here to make you feel at home during your visit. Our dental office offers services that are second to none, including emergency dentistry treatments. Our goal is to maintain a lifelong relationship with each of our patients by providing exceptional service and fostering a sense of genuine compassion for their well-being.

Chipped or broken teeth

A chipped tooth can cause numerous problems if not addressed. From cuts on the tongue to tooth loss, these problems are best avoided altogether by visiting us for an emergency dental care treatment the moment you notice a chip, even a minor one.


Toothaches are one of the common dental emergencies but they varie in severity and is often proportional to how significant the issue that is causing the pain.

Here For All Your Dental Needs!

Dunwin Dental is always welcoming new patients at our Mississauga location.