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I Need Help With My Teeth… Where Do I Begin?

Our dedicated dentistry team in Mississauga empowers you to take pride in your oral health by providing an unparalleled patient experience. We cultivate lifelong relationships through our compassion and commitment to exceptional service. Because here you are more than a patient, you are family.

Root Canal Treatment

A Root Canal Treatment or RCT, relieves pain for patients and helps save a tooth that may have to be extracted otherwise.

General Dental Exam

The dental exam is critical to your ongoing oral health care. We examine your mouth for things that can potentially affect not only your oral health, but your overall health.


Signs that you may need a filling includes pain in the tooth, toothaches, throbbing pains, and sharp pains, among others.


A routine cleaning program is imperative for the overall health of your smile. During a professional dental cleaning, it’s easy for us to detect early signs of problems, such as broken fillings and fractures.


Wisdom teeth removal

Every year, our dentists at Dunwin Dental help patients in the Mississauga area relieve pain and support lasting oral health by removing problematic wisdom teeth.


As part of our general dentistry procedures, Dunwin Dental provides tooth extraction services to our patients to meet their unique dental needs

TMJ Treatment

Located where your jaw meets your skull are your Temporomandibular Joints. Conditions causing pain in the joint that controls the movement of the jaw falls under “Temporomandibular Disorder” or TMD.

Oral Cancer Screening

As part of visiting us for your routine check-up, a normal procedure will be to complete your oral cancer screening. During this time, we will examine the interior of your mouth for any indications that cancerous cells may be developing.


When a tooth is lost from decay or trauma, there are multiple reasons that you may want to have it replaced. Medically speaking, every tooth in your mouth is essential to helping others stay in position and to retain the health and strength of your jawbone.

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