“How Can I Fix A Broken Tooth?”

Three types of dental crowns are available on the market today, and each is used to repair teeth that are damaged or decayed. Each of them delivers its own bonuses and drawbacks, but the most popular by far is porcelain crowns. These crowns have a beautiful luster similar to that of natural teeth, while being durable enough to last a patient’s entire lifetime. Dunwin Dental provides restorative dentistry services to patients throughout the Mississauga area and recommends porcelain crowns to our patients.

Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

Perfect Fit

Porcelain is made of a material that begins malleable and can be formed into any shape. This allows your dentist to create a replacement tooth that fits in perfectly with your natural teeth, making them nearly impossible to tell apart.


Natural Look

While the translucent material resembles that of natural enamel, it can also be tinted to fit in with your natural style. Porcelain is also completely compatible with your natural biology, ensuring that you won’t experience allergic reactions, irritated gums, or have any fear of rejection. 

The Crown Treatment Process and What to Expect


During your initial consultation at our dental office, our dentists will take X-rays to make sure that the roots of the tooth and surrounding bone are in healthy condition to start a crown procedure.

If everything looks okay in the X-rays, then the crown process can begin.

We will go over different options based on your preference and needs.

An initial impression will be made for your tooth.

Your natural tooth will be resized to fit the crown properly.

We will place a temporary crown while the impression is sent to our in-house dental lab to create the permanent crown.


Approximately 1-3 weeks later, we will remove your temporary crown and cement the permanent crown after assessing its comfort, function, and fit.

Porcelain Crown After Care

As long as you maintain a regular dental hygiene routine, you won’t have to do anything additional to keep them looking their best. Porcelain crowns are designed in such a way that they fit permanently onto your natural tooth and will remain there indefinitely. Brushing, mouthwash, and flossing normally will all aid your restoration in lasting a lifetime for you. However, you should avoid chewing on hard foods like ice, and a night-guard may be necessary if you’re prone to grinding your teeth.





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